They call me Coach

By Caroline- Penobscot Bay YMCA on 7/20/2017


The GOTR moment that I want to share comes from this past spring.  We had been talking about strong emotions in the lessons leading up to this lesson.  This specific lesson introduced girls to the language "I feel...when you...because...I would like for you to" as a way to start a conversation about strong emotions.  As we ran laps, we gave girls the opportunity to practice.  Towards the end of our running, one girl came up to me and asked to run a lap with me, which I gladly accepted - running and talking with the girls is one of the most rewarding parts for me.  She wanted to practice using her own scenario, which again thrilled me - it's so much more meaningful when girls bring their own life and scenarios.  As we began running, she started off, "I feel happy and excited when you coach Girls on the Run because I have learned so much.  I would like for you to keep coaching as long as I can do Girls on the Run."  I couldn't have asked for a better way to start my Saturday.

-Coach Caroline, Penobscot Bay YMCA

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